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About iMedViewer

iMedViewer is an iPad and iPhone medical DICOM Viewer for medical images and medical cine loops. It can retrieve and review images from any DICOM compliant server.

This application is a companion application to use with medical imaging equipment for the purpose of communication and exchange among medical profesionnal and with the patients.

Detailed features

Image display

  1. Display single frame or Multi-frame DICOM formatted image.
  2. For Multi-frame images iMedViewer can play frame by frame or continuous cine with at original or adjustable replay frame rate.
  3. Image stacks are supported with easy navigation between frames.
  4. Pan and zoom any image type.
  5. Zoom 1:1 displays one image pixel for 1 display pixel. (For quality assessment)
  6. Contrast/Brightness adjustment. Manual or automatic (using DICOM header stored values and histogram analysis).
  7. Support for DICOM “Pixel spacing” tag provide scale and measure tools.
  8. Annotation with text, arrow and measurement objects.
  9. Save images in multimedia format using standard iPad Screen capture feature.
  10. Image browsing inside a study with a side band icon selector. The band selector can be set to auto hide (use long press to show). The band selector default setting is auto hide in portrait mode and always show in landscape mode but its behaviour is configurable in IOS configuration utility.
  11. Support a large set of DICOM image of any size:
    • Monochrome 8,10,12,14,16 bits Signed/Unsigned
    • Color (Raw and Palette)
    • RLE
    • Lossless
    • JPEG2000
    • Shimadzu and SSDC private format
    • Legacy ComView Images.
  12. Support ITunes File sharing: just drop .DCM or .ZIP files in the iMedViewer documents. The DICOM files contained in the .ZIP will be imported in the iMedViewer storage space.
  13. MIME type support: any .DCM file or .ZIP file (containing DICOM files) in email, web, dropbox ect... can be imported into iMedViewer.
  14. Universal application (buy it for your iPad, download it for free on you iPhone)
  15. Query/retrieve images from DICOM compliant servers.
  16. Receive images from DICOM compliant sources. (SCP)
  17. Manage local image content on your iPad (Delete).

DICOM communication

  1. AETitle, port and timeout can be configured in IOS configuration utility.
    A default AETitle is generated the first time the application is started. If in IOS configuration utility the AETitle is empty, this default one will be used.
  2. All DICOM communication can be disabled in IOS configuration utility.
  3. Logging to file can be enabled and configured to log the desired information in IOS configuration utility. The log file can be retrieved/erased using iTunes file sharing.
  4. The DICOM AETitle can be edited in the application.
  5. The configuration can be backed-up using iTunes file sharing.
    Configure one iPad and copy it on other iPad or edit the configuration file on MAC/PC (plist file)
  6. Support of DNS-SD (Bonjour) Protocol for SCP and SCU function. No need to configure device. All devices can communicate together if they are on the same network.
  7. DNS-SD compatible with Osirix, DicomNet (SSDC server on Window, MAC, Linux)

iPhone, iPad, iTunes and Bonjour are trademarks of Apple inc.


AAPM TG18-QC test patterns in DICOM format

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